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Fairtrade Accreditation

May 24, 2014

The Fairtrade Foundation ( is a charity that ensures that  producers in developing countries get a fair deal.  Many of the products that we buy regularly, such as tea, coffee, chocolate, and bananas, come from developing nations that are able to offer little protection to their farming communities.  Sometimes, the price paid to these farmers for their produce is lower than the cost of production.  Even when the price paid covers production costs, there may not be enough left to ensure that they have access to healthcare, or to provide education for their children.

Fairtrade accredited supply chains help to overcome these difficulties.  Farmers receive a minimum price for their crops, giving them the confidence to invest in their future.

Crowborough Fairtrade exists to promote the sale of Fairtrade accredited goods here in Crowborough.  If you purchase Fairtrade accredited goods in the town you help both the local economy and farmers in the developing world.

There are other accreditation schemes, such as the Rainforest Alliance (, LEAF (, or the Red Tractor scheme (  Fairtrade is unique amongst these – it’s the only one dedicated to tackling poverty.

FairTradeSymbolJPEGYou can find the Fairtrade symbol, shown on the right, on all Fairtrade accredited produce.  Look out for it when you shop.

Crowborough Fairtrade also has a Facebook page.  You can find it at



World Fairtrade Day 2014

May 10, 2014

Today, 10th May, 2014, is World Fairtrade Day.  If you’re out shopping in Crowborough, make a point of  looking for Fairtrade Goods.  And if you’re out this evening, have some Fairtrade wine with your meal, or a tub of Fairtrade ice cream while you watch a movie.